Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Talitha and Jonathon || Montana Wedding

A beautiful old ghost town above Sheridan, Montana was the scene Talitha and Jon chose for their July wedding. A sticky hot day turned cool and cloudy just before the ceremony... a welcome cool breeze freshened the air. Just at the instant of their first kiss as husband and wife, the clouds broke and the sun shone through beautifully!

A positive sign for their future together??

Not that T and Jon need a sign, it was obvious that they are so in love and more importantly, the best of friends. Their joy and excitement was contagious as all the guests continued on to Twin Bridges to celebrate with the happy couple! Talitha wore a beautiful gown from Avant and the guys honored the couple's ranching background in "western dress"... good jeans, a white shirt, tie, hat and each man's best boots. The flowers were grown by the bride's mother! Amazing!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good-bye to a great old cowboy


This month the Sweet Grass county ranching community lost a man who was somewhat of a legend in these parts.  Following are some images from his burial and celebration of life, which fit perfectly with the life he lived.




















Tribute to Pete

Life brought us a cowboy, with a quiet and gentle way.  He always had a simple smile, maybe just a word or two to say.  You knew when he was happy, out beneath the big blue skies.  His smile had a sparkle, you could see it in his eyes.

Most any day would find Pete out doing what he loved: looking after cattle, under the big sky above.

I loved to watch him ride a horse or help him working cows.  His love was range and livestock and not for running plows.  I saw his smile largest when he told of family tales.  His brothers and his sisters put the full wind in his sails.  His nieces and his nephews, and the children that they grew, brought Pete many blessings he would share with smiles true.  At brandings or at parties - when Pete had family there, he watched in adoration and with a love so rich and rare.  As we celebrate Pete’s life today, in his cowboy style, memories of his gentle heart will bring us all a smile.  His life was tied up with cattle; a hardy life but free, where snow means grass next summer and a man can plainly see God’s handiwork on every side... Pete’s thanks were sincere - for friends, good grass, fat cattle, and a good ranch country year.

By Calvin Christensen